The 3rd Annual Collingwood Half Marathon & 10K

In 2016 our race had many significant milestones! From course records in both the 10K and the Half Marathon to the most runners ever to compete. Here are some highlights:

  • Half Marathon course record set by winner Kennedy Ronoh from Kenya at 1:11:43
  • 10K Course record set by winner, Australian Rob Whitmill from London Ontario 35:57
  • There were the most ever participants at 507 with 219 in the 10K and 288 in the Half Marathon


So many people to thank for helping us pull off a highly successful event.

Thanks to Sgt. Len Devine, Staff Sgt. Phil Browne and Mike King  of the OPP for their large highly organized traffic team.

Thanks to Chris Stoutenburg of Collingwood Parks and Recreation for working so closely with us to get our permits in place and supply us with some of the equipment and facilities we require.

Thanks to Her Worship Mayor Sandra Cooper for coming out to welcome the runners and to blow the horn to start the race.

Thanks to Gord and Laurie Sheppard for leading this year’s course setup and teardown team.

Thanks to DJ Lenny for the great finish line music!

Trucks and trailers for road coning and sign operations graciously supplied by Doug Measures and Tom Hartle.

Thanks to Bygone Days Farm for our race venue.

Thanks to the running First team and Chiptime results.

Thanks Espresso Post and Pretty River Academy for your water station volunteers!

Maximum Physiotherapy and Synergy Health and Wellness Centre.

Cam Alma and the Skiis & Bikes team.

Without these volunteers we could not do this:

Martynuik Crystle, Laurie Roest, Alison Sheffer, Mike Collins, Mark Bannerman, Sue Friebel, Debbie Twining, Austin Twining, Simon Scholte, John Fox, Gary MacDonald, Jim Theobald, Peter Zober, Chris Keiser, Madeline Fisher, Anne Holden, Craig Holden, Kathy Jeffery, Lindsay Lyall, Lynda Lyall, Dana Calder, Susan McPherson, Forsakes Cathie, Margaret Wilton-Siegel, Doug Wanamaker, Helga Wanamaker, Doug Smith, Nancy Smith, John Brown, Sue Diggins, Albert Gardiner, Paul Henderson, John Bailey, Megan Diggins, Cathy Sears, Elaine Schiller, Terry Sears, Elaine Schiller, Helen Bull, Grace Rutledge, Janet Thompson, Mark Bannerman, DebbieLatimer, Sally Ann Slevin, Mike McCluskey, Sarah May, Pearson Lydia, Maggie Smyth, Erik Moortgat, Nicole Reason, Jim Twining, Cait Foisy, DJ Lenny Sheffield, the Halbertsma family, Doug Measures, Tom Hartle, Austin Twining, Marg Brindisi, Carla Hanisch, Angela McGann, The Wilson family, Francois Fornier and family, Jane Keast, Rob Chambers, Bill Porter, Nicoletta Coldas, Suzanne Halligan, Cathy Korsakas, Rita Runstedler, Jane Schurr, Marlowe Peets, Annie Pilon, Stuart McDonald, Ilian Halbertsma, Eric Robitaille and family, Kelly O’Neil and many more and if I left someone out please forgive me!